Freelance journalist Austin Tice (SFS ’02, LAW ’13) has gone missing while reporting in Syria, according to The Washington Post.

Tice entered Syria through the Turkish border in May and has provided on-the-ground reporting for several media outlets, including The Post, CBS News and Al Jazeera English.

According to The Post’s report, Tice was due to leave Syria in mid-August. But his family told the newspaper Thursday that they have not heard from him in over a week.

“Austin is a talented and courageous journalist whose work has helped to shape the world’s understanding of this humanitarian and political crisis,” Marcus Brauchli, executive editor of The Post, said in a statement.

Tice’s LinkedIn profile shows his willingness to report in dangerous situations.

“I can write, film, snap and speak, so if your organization is looking for an all-in-one crisis correspondent willing to get the stories others won’t, call me,” it reads.

The Syrian civil war is among the most violent of the ongoing revolts in the region and is especially dangerous for the media. Sixteen journalists have been killed in the country since November 2011, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. Three of these deaths occurred in the past two weeks.

Brauchli said The Post is conducting an ongoing investigation into Tice’s whereabouts and hopes to guarantee his safe return.

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