In order to maintain readership of pro-abortion activists, Stephen Santulli, THE HOYA’s editor in chief, apologized for running the “Stop The Madness” insert in the Jan. 19, 2007 issue of THE HOYA and blamed previous staff members for accepting the advertisement.

In regard to the content of “Stop The Madness,” Santulli wrote, “It makes claims based on questionable factual evidence and presents them in a manner that is inflammatory and potentially offensive to the university community” (“Letter From the Editor,” THE HOYA, Jan 23, 2007, A2).

Interestingly enough, Santulli doesn’t provide any specifics on what he considers to be “questionable factual evidence.” Perhaps “questionable factual evidence” is going to be the new catchphrase for abortion supporters to describe views that differ from theirs.

At least Brittany Schulman, in her article titled “Be Respectful in Abortion Debate” (THE HOYA, Jan. 23, 2007, A3), points out what she disagrees with instead of simply calling Human Life Alliance liars.

Santulli is making it very clear that THE HOYA supports abortion and just wants the pro-life people to shut up.

Jillian Roemer

Director of Campus Outreach

Human Life Alliance

Feb. 13, 2007

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