Jess Kelham-Hohler


Jess Kelham-Hohler is a junior in the College majoring in English with minors in government and journalism. Originally from London, U.K., Jess previously served as a board member, online editor and Guide editor for The Hoya. She is usually found in Leavey 421 despairing at her peers attempting to imitate her British accent and reminding them of that time she got to interview Eddie Redmayne. In her spare time she enjoys rewatching Shonda Rhimes shows on Netflix, wasting money at Saxbys and sleeping.

Evan Zimmet

General Manager

Evan Zimmet is a junior in the McDonough School of Business majoring in finance and accounting with a minor in economics. Before assuming the role of general manager, he joined The Hoya’s accounting department his sophomore year, previously serving as the operations and treasury manager. Outside The Hoya, Evan serves as a co-leader of StartupHoyas: The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative. Originally from Los Angeles, Calif., Evan enjoys walking backwards, discussing “Game of Thrones,” obsessing over baseball and hockey and defending his listening to country music.

ChristinaWing_ChairChristina Wing

Chair of the Board

Christina Wing is a senior in the McDonough School of Business studying finance and operations and information management with a minor in Korean. Originally from South Korea, she is a (native) New Yorker at heart. She joined The Hoya during her spring semester freshman year and became special events manager and then director of corporate development. She took a hiatus from The Hoya while she travelled and ate her way around Europe, but rejoined as Gala Committee Planner. Outside of The Hoya, Christina works for Georgetown’s Office of Advancement where she talks to alumni who relive their days on the Hilltop. When not planning galas or creating Google calendar events, she can usually be found in her second home, Lau 3, or trying the trendiest restaurants in D.C.

Board of Directors

Katherine Richardson

At-Large Member of the Board

Katherine Richardson is a junior in the College majoring in English and minoring in journalism. She hails from Los Angeles, and is always missing the beach and yearlong sunshine. Katherine began work at The Hoya the fall of her freshman year as a news writer, then moved up to become a campus deputy before serving as campus news editor in spring 2015 and executive editor in fall 2015. She is excited to begin her term this semester as an at-large member of the board of directors. Katherine can often be found eating cereal out of a Solo cup, hugging her pet balloon Cricket, crying over pictures of Marnie the Dog and tripping over things.


_ChandiniJha_CommunityMemberBoardChandini Jha

Community Member of the Board

Chandini Jha is a senior in the College double majoring in government and women’s and gender studies. She is the former president of College Democrats and served on GUSA as the Anti-Sexual Assault Advisor. She is heavily involved in student anti-sexual violence activism. Chandini enjoys taking her dog, Rajah, for long walks, excitedly talking about how Title IX’s gender fairness policies apply to more than sports and binge-watching Netflix. She is very excited to serve as the community member this year.


Lena Duffield

At-Large Member of the Board

Lena Duffield is a junior in the McDonough School of Business majoring in Finance.






Daniel Smith

At-Large Member of the Board

Daniel Smith is a junior in the School of Foreign Service studying international politics instead of his true passion, interior design. Before joining the board of directors, Daniel had terms as The Hoya’s managing editor and photography editor. When not listening to One Direction surreptitiously or overtly, depending on his surroundings, he fantasizes about playing high school football for a small town in Texas. From Minneapolis, Minn., Smith prefers that you not underestimate the relevance of his home state. He has a beard, but not always.

Board of Editors

Suzanne Monyak

Executive Editor

Suzanne Monyak is a junior in the College majoring in English and minoring in journalism and art history.  Born and raised in Atlanta, she enjoys drinking her weight in sweet tea and explaining why she doesn’t have a Southern accent to Northerners.  Suzanne joined The Hoya as a news writer her freshman fall before serving as city deputy and city news editor the following two semesters.  After spending fall 2015 in Strasbourg pretending to understand French, she can’t wait to return to The Hoya office and show everyone how great she is at English.


Jinwoo Chong

Managing Editor

Jinwoo Chong is a junior in the College from New Jersey studying English. He served as the opinion editor last spring, and doubled as the director of human resources and the Guide editor this semester. He is excited to have only one email account. Aside from his duties at The Hoya, he is a service marketer for The Corp and a member of the Georgetown Phantoms a cappella group. He likes wearing vests, reading Buzzfeed’s Red Carpet Fashion Report Cards, sassing people out and excelling at karaoke.


Shannon Hou

Online Editor

Shannon Hou is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, hoping to major in Political Economy. She started working on The Hoya in fall 2014 as a layout assistant, and became layout editor in spring 2015 and held the position for two semesters. She is from Winchester, Mass., a town right outside Boston, but knows next to nothing about sports. In addition to working on The Hoya, she also is a member of the Blue and Gray Tour Guide Society and Georgetown University Alumni Student Federal Credit Union. When not in the office or in Lauinger Library, she can be found trying new restaurants and taking the perfect photo for her Instagram.


Ashwin Puri

Campus News Editor

Ashwin Puri is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in international politics with a concentration in foreign policy. Hailing from Rockford, Ill., Ashwin began work at The Hoya the spring of his freshman year as a news writer, then moved up to become a campus deputy. He is excited to continue expanding the breadth of The Hoya’s campus news coverage during his term. Outside of The Hoya, you can find Ashwin singing with The Georgetown Phantoms a cappella group, working for The Corp at Uncommon Grounds, consulting for nonprofits with Innovo Solutions, as a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon, serving on GUSA as part of the ‘What’s a Hoya?’ team and as a NSO Advisor. Ashwin studied abroad in China and interned on Capitol Hill this past summer and enjoys nothing more than travelling and trying new things.


Emily Tu

City News Editor

Emily Tu is a sophomore in the College majoring in government and economics. Originally from Beijing, she is still adjusting to D.C.’s lack of pollution and needs to stop Snapchatting every blue sky she sees. She joined The Hoya her freshman spring and is excited to continue as city news editor this semester. In her free time, Emily enjoys eating her way through unreasonable amounts of chocolate while watching Shonda Rhimes shows.  


Elizabeth Cavacos

Sports Editor

Elizabeth Cavacos is a junior in the College double-majoring in history and art history, hailing from Rochester, N.Y. Elizabeth has been in the sports section since the fall of her freshman year. When she is not defending the relevance of her hometown and academic interests from others, Elizabeth enjoys playing pickup basketball at Yates with her friends, taking frequent naps and crying over videos of people receiving puppies as gifts.


Lauren Gros

Opinion Editor

Lauren Gros is a sophomore is a the School of Foreign Service majoring in science, technology and international affairs.  Lauren joined the opinion section in the fall of her freshman year as an online columnist.  In her free time she can be found bragging about the superior weather of her home state, Florida,  playing lots and lots of golf or watching “Game of Thrones.”


Toby Hung

Guide Editor

Toby Hung is a sophomore in the College majoring in linguistics and economics and minoring in art history, with a concentration in applied unemployment. Originally from Hong Kong, he frequently reminisces about efficient transportation, political incorrectness and not tipping. Toby first joined The Hoya in fall 2014 as a news writer, having been inspired by his favorite fictional journalists: Jack Burden, Zoe Barnes and Geronimo Stilton. After serving as campus news editor in fall 2015, he decided to take over the Guide in order to prolong his irregular sleep patterns. When he is not editing articles in the hallway outside Leavey 421, Toby can be found visiting his dorm, trekking to faraway restaurants or pacing in front of Epi while waiting for his delivery to arrive.


Naaz Modan

Photography Editor

Naaz Modan is a sophomore in the College, majoring in government and minoring in journalism. She joined The Hoya as a staff photographer and decided she’d like to become a larger part of Leavy 421 the first time she fell off a broken chair. She is currently in a relationship with her bed and can be found spending her scant free time with her significant other. Her favorite things include Nutella, her 53-inch teddy bear Bugz, “Wuthering Heights” and swimming in her oversize button-downs. In addition to taking photos, Naaz enjoys beaches, friends and drinking excessive amounts of coffee.


Matthew Trunko

Layout Editor

Matthew Trunko is a sophomore in the McDonough School of Business, hoping to major in finance and marketing and minor in computer science.  He started working at The Hoya in fall 2014 as a layout assistant, then became a deputy layout editor in spring 2015 before becoming the senior layout editor. Matthew hails from the greatest city in the world St. Louis, Mo. When not laying the paper, he can be found interning at the U.S. Capitol, teaching and playing piano and finding new activities to prevent him from sleeping. Matthew loves classic rock and his dog Stella. Most people call him Trunko and forget his first name is actually Matthew.


Jeanine Santucci

Copy Chief

Jeanine Santucci is a freshman in the College.  Her major is undecided, but she is considering justice and peace studies with a minor in journalism.  Jeanine is from the little-known San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles, though she hates California weather and beaches, and is indifferent to In-N-Out. She can usually be found scoffing at grammar mistakes, making sassy comments or being compared to Becca Saltzman, her esteemed predecessor and friend.  Outside of The Hoya, Jeanine tutors for DC Reads, indulges in long naps and religiously watches “Grey’s Anatomy.”


Catherine McNally

Blog Editor

Catherine McNally is a junior in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in health care management and policy, from Cleveland, Ohio. Catherine joined The Hoya at the start of her sophomore year in the fall of 2014, and served as 4E’s deputy editor prior to her appointment as senior editor.  It is fair to say that through this experience she has become the queen of GIFs.  When not blogging away, Catherine enjoys long walks on the beaches of Lake Erie — especially in the winter — and binge-watching Netflix documentaries.


Reza Baghaee-Rezaee

Multimedia Editor

Reza Baghaee-Rezaee is a sophomore in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in health care management and policy and hoping to minor in psychology. Reza joined The Hoya in fall 2014 as a multimedia assistant. Reza enjoys covering various sports events and filming political speakers who have come to Georgetown such as President Barack Obama. Outside of The Hoya, Reza can be found freelancing his skills in aerial cinematography and filming weddings and promotional videos for clients across the country. When not behind the camera, Reza enjoys teaching children on weekends and critiquing every restaurant’s iced tea.

Publishing Division Directors

Addie FearonAddie Fleron

Director of Corporate Development

Addie Fleron is a senior in Georgetown College majoring in medieval studies, and as a result can translate two dead languages – a skill she is still trying to figure out how to market. Addie signed her life over to The Hoya in Fall 2012, and served as HR manager and then director of human resources before running off to France during the Spring 2015 semester to hone her wine- and cheese-tasting skills. On campus, you can find her practicing with the ballroom dance team and spending far too many hours in the MSB commons, despite her lack of an MSB GoCard. In her (admittedly spare) spare time, Addie can be found feeding her Netflix addiction, bemoaning that Baked & Wired has been discovered by tourists, and aggressively trying to figure out what happens in the real, post-graduation world.


Nicky Robertson

Director of Human Resources

Nicky Robertson was born and bred in the typical Dickensian gray and dreary London. She is in the School of Foreign Service studying international politics with a focus in foreign policy. After joining the human resources department in her first semester freshman year, she has enjoyed enduring the thousand-degree biz-office of The Hoya. When not avoiding studying economics on Lau 2, you can find Nicky engaging in a dance party with her roommates.


Lucy Cho

Director of Sales

Lucy Cho is a sophomore in the McDonough School of Business, double-majoring in finance and international business with a minor in economics.  Born and raised in New Orleans, Lucy joined The Hoya during the fall of her freshman year as a national sales associate.  In her spare time she can be found answering if she’s ever been to Mardi Gras or watching “Parks & Rec,” with an aspiration of becoming half the woman Ron Swanson is.  


Selena Parra

Director of Accounts

Selena Parra, from Houston, Texas, is a sophomore in the McDonough School Business, hoping to double-major in finance and operations and information management. She started working for The Hoya in the fall of 2014 as an accounting associate, then she became the local accounts manager in 2015. Aside from collecting money for The Hoya, she is a mentor for the Compass Fellowship, a consultant for Innovo Solutions, and is working on an education technology startup. She actually loves using Excel, is obsessed with cheesecake and enjoys Latin dancing.


Ashley Yiu

Director of Technology

Ashley Yiu is a sophomore in the College majoring in Computer Science and considering minoring in business administration and mathematics. Originally from Hong Kong, she spent four years at a boarding school in Massachusetts before attending Georgetown. She’s an active member of the Club Triathlon Team and began working at The Hoya her freshman fall. Although being a vegetarian means she can’t consume half the things in this world, she still loves to eat. Once, a friend told her, “You know, a lot of people say they’re foodies, but you, you’re a REAL foodie.”

The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is composed of three Hoya staffers, two community members and is chaired by the opinion editor. The Editorial Board, which produces The Hoya’s editorials, is an autonomous body whose views do not represent the opinions of The Hoya.

Emily Kaye

Emily Kaye is a sophomore majoring in justice and peace studies with minors in art and journalism. After getting booed off the stage during her dreadful singing performance in the fourth-grade talent show, Emily resorted to limited use of her vocal chords. She is excited to finally get all of the aggressive opinions she’s been harboring out into the public during this semester on the editorial board. That’s right, Mrs. Geikie; it’s time. Outside of The Hoya, Emily enjoys purposely avoiding the fact that she’s from Long Island.


Sharanya Sriram

Sharanya Sriram is a junior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in international politics with a concentration in security studies. She comes from the suburban sprawl of San Jose, Calif., and can often be found complaining about the cold winter weather on the East Coast. After joining The Hoya in the fall of her freshman year, she served as copy deputy and contributing editor before going abroad. She is excited to come back to Georgetown and work with the editorial board. In her free time, she enjoys watching “Friends,” looking up baby animal YouTube videos and exploring D.C.’s running paths.

Jonathan Marrow

Jonathan Marrow is a sophomore in the College, majoring in history, minoring in classics and art history, because he hates everything from the modern world. Jonathan hails from Princeton, N.J., and thinks that Princeton is in every single way the greatest place in the world, except for the small, sub-par liberal arts college that happens to be there. He grew up in Cambridge, England, the second-greatest town in the world.  Besides serving previously as The Hoya’s deputy opinion editor, Jonathan’s main activity on the Hilltop is Georgetown’s oldest student club, the Philodemic Society, where he serves as librarian, and pursues his love of ideas, history and debating and advocating for the West Wing, monarchism, Anglophilia and wearing black tie.


Online1Samuel Pence

Sam Pence is a senior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in international history. Prior to joining the Hoya’s editorial board as a community member in the fall of 2015, he could be found whipping up lattés in Uncommon Grounds or singing in Gaston Hall alongside the members of Georgetown Superfood. When not weighing in on matters surrounding Geogetown’s arts and culture, he enjoys running, reading, the occasional Nickelback song (just kidding), trying way too hard with his autumn-themed Instagram photos (not kidding), and bragging about the best place in the world, his home state of Indiana.



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