Emma Hinchliffe


Emma Hinchliffe is a junior in the College majoring in government with minors in journalism and French. Emma started out at THE HOYA as a news writer covering such scintillating stories as the introduction of double-sided printing to campus. Since then, she served as campus news editor and executive editor of the paper before taking on the role of editor-in-chief in November. Originally from Glen Ridge, N.J., Emma has spent the past two summers interning in New York for and SiriusXM Radio. She can usually be found editing articles and ordering takeout from Mai Thai in Leavey 421.


Michal Grabias

General Manager

Michal Grabias is a junior in the McDonough School of Business studying finance and operations & information management with a minor in English specializing in script writing. Prior to his role as General Manager, Michal joined THE HOYA’s Personnel department in the spring of his freshman year and became director in November 2012, establishing such internal changes as peer reviews and a mentorship program. When not trying to be best friends with each member of the 70-person publishing division, Michal can be found searching the District for the perfect crêpe shop.


Evan Hollander

Chair of the Board

Evan Hollander is a senior in the School of Foreign Service. Hailing from the college basketball mecca of Louisville, Ky., it was no surprise that Hollander got his start in the sports section, covering men’s lacrosse and football before serving as sports editor. Elected to the board in November, Hollander was also a writer and columnist on Georgetown’s men’s basketball beat this spring. In April, he was elected to a one-year term as chair of THE HOYA’s board of directors. An international politics major, you can often find Evan chewing over the topics of the day at Martin’s or Tombs. His most treasured memory of Georgetown so far is celebrating the Hoyas’ win over Syracuse on press row at Verizon Center, but he’s still waiting to make a trip to the Final Four.



Board of Directors

Hanaa Khadraoui

Member of the Board

Hanaa Khadraoui is a junior in the College majoring in economics with minors in French and biology. Hanaa started out in THE HOYA as an assistant in the opinion section and has since served as a member of the editorial board and senior opinion editor. Hailing from Bergenfield, N.J., Hanaa has spent her past two summers working as a research assistant at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and works part time as a sales associate at Madewell. She likes yoga, almond toffee and Georgetown, even though Jack the Bulldog attacked her once when she was carrying a balloon. She’s sure he didn’t mean it.


Vidur Khatri

Community Member of the Board

Vidur Khatri is a senior in the McDonough School of Business with a double major in finance and operations and informational management who hails from Norwood, Mass. Before joining THE HOYA, Vidur was heavily involved in The Corp, serving as chief financial officer in his sophomore and junior years. In addition to serving on the board, he is also currently a member of the McDonough School of Business International Case Competition and active as an undergraduate research fellow. As an incoming member of the board, Vidur is excited to to do his part in improving THE HOYA’s business model and profitability to ensure that the paper can give back to Georgetown in the most beneficial and innovative ways possible. He enjoys long walks through the Leavey Center or blasting “Born to Run” on his saxophone at Corp events. Still left to check off his Georgetown bucket list: Stealing the Leo’s clock hands and having a cartoon sketch of himself in THE HOYA.


Braden McDonald

Member of the Board

Braden McDonald, former executive editor of THE HOYA and current member of the board of directors, is a College senior majoring in government with minors in philosophy and history. Braden was born and raised in Canada. Though THE HOYA has fast become his raison d’être at Georgetown, Braden enjoys learning languages and finds the academic questions of state formation and democratic realities and unrealities particularly tantalizing. Braden will likely work for RBC Royal Bank for the third consecutive year this summer and hopes to find a permanent job that will nurture his love for skyscrapers, cosmopolitan cities and problem-solving. His most cherished memory of his time on THE HOYA is the collective loveable insanity that is sure to emerge at around midnight on production nights — an insanity that all at once forges lasting friendship, drives productivity and affords comic relief.


Hunter Main

Member of the Board

Hunter Main is a junior in the College majoring in English and government. After obsessing over minute details as copy chief and handling the paper’s day-to-day operation as managing editor, he is looking forward to take an even more forward-looking view of THE HOYA as a member of its board of directors. Hunter hails from Titusville, N.J., but is trying to learn as much as he can about his new home, Washington, D.C. He enjoys drinking coffee, writing about music, movies and politics, wearing sweaters and Twitter.



Board of Editors

TM Gibbons-Neff

Executive Editor

TM Gibbons-Neff is a junior in the College majoring in English. TM came to Georgetown after four years in the United States Marine Corps and now spends his academic career being a crotchety old man and failing language courses. TM has been at THE HOYA since early 2013 and thoroughly enjoys all the shenanigans and people of Leavey 421. In his spare time you can find TM scuba diving and waiting for his Veterans Affairs check to come in.


Sheena Karkal

Managing Editor

Sheena Karkal is from Orlando, Fla., and a junior in the College majoring in biology of global health and government. Now managing editor, she served as Guide editor for a year and has written for The Guide since freshman year. Her other interests include working as an executive board member of GlobeMed and dancing with GU Bindaas, a hip-hop and Bollywood fusion dance group. She also enjoys Bharatanatyam, a type of Indian classical dance, which she has studied for 15 years. In the future, she hopes to attend medical school and translate her passion for global health and government to the field of health care policy and reform.


Lindsay Lee

Online Editor

Lindsay Lee is a sophomore in the College majoring in economics and minoring in Spanish. After serving two terms as the senior editor of The Fourth Edition, THE HOYA’s blog, she is excited to take on this new role. Lee is also the web manager and public relations director of The Georgetown Phantoms and the music representative on the Performing Arts Advisory Committee. Her proudest life achievement was when she won $150 at a New England Patriot’s game and got her picture on the jumbotron and her name announced in Gillette Stadium.


Mallika Sen

Campus News Editor

Mallika Sen is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, born and bred in the surprisingly grey sprawl of Los Angeles, Calif. She currently plans on majoring in regional and comparative studies, with a concentration in whatever will allow her to focus on Václav Havel. In addition to spending time composing articles rife with needlessly multisyllabic diction, she serves as a co-director of design for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs and attempts to inspire enthusiasm for the SFS Centennial, which will take place when she is 25. She can usually be found anxiously pacing around THE HOYA office, not wearing a jacket (and bemoaning #californiaproblems), adding to her Thomas Müller scrapbook and failing to maintain a steady accent.


Madison Ashley

City News Editor

Madison is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service majoring in culture and politics. Hailing from the below-sea level paradise of New Orleans, La., Madison is excited to cover all of the news thats fits to print about her adopted city as senior city news editor. Since her first feature — an investigative report on the Arabic department — somehow found itself on the front page, Madison has fallen in love with her newsie family. When not gorging on pop’ems in THE HOYA’s office, Madison enjoys spending her time grilling with GUGS, stargazing at the Observatory or causing shenanigans with the Outdoor Education crew.


Carolyn Maguire

Sports Editor

Carolyn Maguire is a sophomore in the College. She hails from New Jersey and certainly has the accent to prove it. She truly loves only four things in this world: sports, Boston sports, Georgetown and more Boston sports. When she is not perusing the racks at Madewell and swooning over the Sox, she can be found in Yates reliving her basketball glory days. Carolyn’s favorite spots on campus are Regents at the crack of dawn and THE HOYA office … of course.


Kim Bussing

Guide Editor

Kim Bussing is a sophomore in the College majoring in English with tentative minors in psychology and something that is more hireable than everything else she’s studying. Originally from Seattle, Wash., she loves kale, coffee and spending exorbitant amounts of time at used bookstores. She has been writing for The Guide since freshman year, spent the last year as a deputy and hopes during her term as Guide Editor to finally snag an interview with Bradley Cooper. In the rare moments when she’s not working on The Guide, Kim is planning events for the International Relations Club, curled up reading with a Pygmalion or complaining about how infrequently she goes to Yates instead of actually going. When she grows up, she hopes to be a cat lady.


David Chardack

Opinion Editor

David Chardack is a sophomore in the College hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, with a major in American studies. David has done a lot of work in the copy section but is now ecstatic to be working for opinion. Aside from his work at the paper, David spends much of his time and energy foraging for something delicious to eat or wrestling science majors for one of the booths in Regents.



Alexander Brown

Photo Editor

Alexander Brown is a sophomore in the College majoring in government. Originally from the Bay Area in California, he likes to spend his time hiking, driving along the Stinson Beach cliffside and swimming (not at home though, the water’s freezing). For the past year and a half, he’s spent many hours as a photographer for THE HOYA, enjoying the challenges of coordinating with his section and taking full advantage of the invaluable opportunities presented by the paper. He will never forget the countless memories from his first year at THE HOYA, including covering Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and sitting 10 feet from Rosario Dawson, camera in hand. He is eagerly anticipating two and a half more years of working with the staff and the stories that only emerge past the 2 a.m. mark.


Ian Tice

Layout Editor

Ian Tice is a sophomore in the College double majoring in economics and French. He originally hails from Maple Glen, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia, and wishes people would stop telling him he pronounces things weirdly. As he embarks on his second term as layout editor for THE HOYA, he looks back fondly on a semester of broken chairs, Vittles runs and fun times. When not performing his duties for THE HOYA, Ian is a member of Hoya Blue and GAAP, works at Yates Field House and watches every episode of “Downton Abbey.” His favorite season is autumn and his favorite avifauna is the goose.


Robert DePaolo

Copy Chief

Robert DePaolo is a sophomore in the College from New Rochelle, N.Y., who has yet to decide on a major (he’s narrowed it down to five) but is minoring in Italian and hopes to finally fulfill his goal of getting to Italy in his junior year. He started working in copy in the spring of his freshman year and is very excited about the chance to be copy chief. Besides working at THE HOYA and doing homework, he can be found running through the streets of D.C. preparing for another race and watching all his favorite N.Y. sports teams. He can also be found trying to find cool places to go on adventures with his friends or entertaining them with his strange riddles and weird dance moves.


Karl “KP” Pielmeier

Blog Editor

Karl “KP” Pielmeier is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service majoring in culture and politics. Originally from a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, he has come to love the sights, sounds — most importantly — food of D.C. life. When he isn’t working with the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership program or writing for THE HOYA, he enjoys walking on the beach, reading Dennis Lehane novels and talking incessantly about Lady Gaga.



Publishing Division Directors

Jason Yoffe

Director of Accounting

Jason Yoffe is a sophomore in the McDonough School of Business majoring in accounting and finance. Originally from Boston, Mass., he has taken his love of sports to the Hilltop, where he can be found cheering for the Hoyas on campus and at Verizon Center. When not serving as a resident assistant in New South or playing intramural sports, he can be found swimming laps at the pool or shooting hoops with his friends.


Christina Wing

Director of Corporate Development

Christina Wing is a sophomore in the McDonough School of Business, tentatively double majoring in finance and operations and information management with a minor in Korean. Originally from South Korea, she is a (native) New Yorker at heart. She joined THE HOYA during her spring semester of freshman year and quickly moved up as special events manager before serving as director of corporate development. When not bouncing between academics, an internship on the Hill, a column for the guide and a job with Georgetown’s Office of Advancement, she is usually on the hunt for new clothes or a New York-worthy gluten-free pizza.


Nicole Foggan

Director of Marketing

Nicole Foggan is a sophomore in the College with a tentative major in psychology and minor in journalism. Originally from Maryland, Nicole has been a member of the marketing division since her freshman year and hopes to pursue a career in marketing and public relations after graduation. In her spare time, she can be found frequenting Sweetgreen, obsessively watching episodes of “Parks and Recreation” and enjoying coffee in her second home (Lau).


Addie Fleron

Director of Personnel

Addie Fleron is a sophomore in the College majoring in medieval studies (yes, that’s an actual major!), while also pursuing French and Italian coursework. Hailing from Westfield, Mass., a small town aptly described by the country music she can be found listening to, she is excited to be living in the vibrant city of Washington, D.C. She has been with THE HOYA since a fateful SAC Fair run-in the September of her freshman year, previously serving as human resources manager and a personnel assistant. On campus, Addie can also be seen competing and performing with Georgetown’s competitive ballroom dance team. When she finds a few spare minutes, she enjoys Netflix marathons and Baked and Wired trips with her friends.


Brian Carden

Director of Sales

Brian Carden is a sophomore in the McDonough School of Business double majoring in finance and operations & information management with a minor in economics. Originally from Port Washington, N.Y., Brian spent nine years living in Paris, France, where he developed an affinity for cheese and the ability to sound pretentious while talking about it. When not selling advertisements for THE HOYA, he can be found actively involved in Georgetown’s International Relations Club or playing impromptu jazz flute.


Nick DeLessio

Director of Technology

Nick DeLessio is a junior in the College majoring in computer science. Hailing from the great state of Iowa, he has been with THE HOYA since the beginning of his sophomore year when former guide and managing editors Victoria Edel and Steven J. Piccione asked to take a photo of him. He can usually be found coding at a Lau table littered with coffee cups and gummy bear wrappers. Nick enjoys bonding with his techies, dance parties and his Amazon Prime account.



The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is composed of three Hoya staffers, two community members and is chaired by the opinion editor. The Editorial Board, which produces THE HOYA’s editorials, is an autonomous body whose views do not represent the opinions of THE HOYA.

Katy Berk

Katy Berk is a sophomore in the College originally from Cambridge, Mass. She was hired to THE HOYA in the fall of her freshman year and served this past fall as opinion editor. As editorial board chair and opinion editor, she would probably list becoming Vittles’ most frequent customer and proposing Leo’s as the new Tuscany as her proudest accomplishments. She is pleased to be sticking with ed board this semester and excited to sample the spring cupcake flavors at Baked and Wired. In her free time she enjoys A2 and A3 among other hobbies.


Taylor Coles

Taylor Coles is a junior in the College majoring in philosophy and government with a minor in social and political thought. He hails from Spokane, Wash., and wants to pursue a graduate degree in philosophy. On the Hilltop, he has worked with the Secular Coalition for America and the Global Bioethics Initiative, as well as debated and researched on the Georgetown Debate Team. In his free time, Taylor is an avid fan of science fiction novels, web comics and “Kitchen Nightmares.”



Ben Germano

Ben Germano is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service majoring in international politics. He grew up in Jupiter, Fla., the spring training home of the Miami Marlins, the St. Louis Cardinals and, in all likelihood, your grandparents. Never one to turn down a trip to the National Mall, he is probably too excited to live in the District. Ben enjoys “Scandal,” “House of Cards” and all things Aaron Sorkin, and his greatest fears include spiders and comma splices.



KellyNoseKelly Nosé

Kelly Nosé is a senior in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in health care management and policy with a minor in health promotion & disease prevention. A native of Northern California, her hobbies include running marathons, travelling and petting dogs.




Patrick Drown

Patrick Drown is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service hailing from Boston suburbia and the sparsely populated sides of New Mexico. Patrick is contemplating a major in science, technology and international affairs with a concentration in energy and the environment, in part encouraged by his involvement with the Georgetown Office of Sustainability. With limited success Patrick also tries to convince prospective students to come to Georgetown through the tours he gives. In his spare time, Patrick is trying to understand why Georgetown girls obsess over Lululemon, why water is near impossible to access at Leo’s and why a brutalist interpretation of Healy Hall would ever be a good idea.