MallikaSen_EditorInChiefMallika Sen


Mallika Sen is a senior in the School of Foreign Service, born and bred in the surprisingly gray sprawl of Los Angeles. She is majoring in regional and comparative studies, concentrating in Václav Havel. A former campus news editor and executive editor, her career at The Hoya has been marked by a devotion to spending time composing articles rife with needlessly multisyllabic diction, recovering from the Pavlovian response “GUSA election” induces and offering to execute things, with a certain glee. She can usually be found pacing The Hoya office, not wearing a jacket (and bemoaning #californiaproblems), adding to her Thomas Müller scrapbook and failing to maintain a steady accent.

BrianCarden_GeneralManagerBrian Carden

General Manager

Brian Carden is a senior in the McDonough School of Business studying finance and operations and information management with a minor in economics. Originally from Port Washington, N.Y., Brian spent nine years living in Paris, France, where he developed an affinity for cheese and the ability to sound pretentious while talking about it. Before assuming the role of general manager in November 2014, Brian joined The Hoya’s sales department his freshman year, first as local advertisements manager and, subsequently, sales director. Outside The Hoya, Brian previously served as executive director of the 42nd National Collegiate Security Conference hosted by the Georgetown International Relations Association, on whose board he currently sits. He enjoys NBC comedies, playing with spreadsheets and forming strong opinions on pizza.

ChristinaWing_ChairChristina Wing

Chair of the Board

Christina Wing is a senior in the McDonough School of Business studying finance and operations and information management with a minor in Korean. Originally from South Korea, she is a (native) New Yorker at heart. She joined The Hoya during her spring semester freshman year and became special events manager and then director of corporate development. She took a hiatus from The Hoya while she travelled and ate her way around Europe, but rejoined as Gala Committee Planner. Outside of The Hoya, Christina works for Georgetown’s Office of Advancement where she talks to alumni who relive their days on the Hilltop. When not planning galas or creating Google calendar events, she can usually be found in her second home, Lau 3, or trying the trendiest restaurants in D.C.

Board of Directors

DavidChardackDavid Chardack

At-Large Member of the Board

David Chardack is a senior in the College, majoring in philosophy with minors in business administration and economics. He is excited to finish his year-long term this fall as an at-large member of The Hoya’s board of directors. After two semesters in copy, Chardack spent one semester as copy chief, and then led the opinion section for a year. Aside from schoolwork and his role in The Hoya, he spends most of his time napping, listening to oldies or voraciously Snapchatting.


_ChandiniJha_CommunityMemberBoardChandini Jha

Community Member of the Board

Chandini Jha is a senior in the College double majoring in government and women’s and gender studies. She is the former president of College Democrats and served on GUSA as the Anti-Sexual Assault Advisor. She is heavily involved in student anti-sexual violence activism. Chandini enjoys taking her dog, Rajah, for long walks, excitedly talking about how Title IX’s gender fairness policies apply to more than sports and binge-watching Netflix. She is very excited to serve as the community member this year.



Jess Kelham-Hohler

At-Large Member of the Board

Jess Kelham-Hohler is a junior in the College majoring in English with minors in government and journalism. Originally from London, U.K., she has become annoyingly used to jokes about the Queen, “Downton Abbey” and being asked to speak in an American accent. She served as Guide editor, and was the online editor last semester before moving to this at-large board position. Outside of Leavey 421, she spends a worrying amount of time watching Shonda Rhimes shows, listening to throwback playlists and defending British food.


LindsayLee_BoardLindsay Lee

At-Large Member of the Board

Lindsay Lee is a senior in the College majoring in economics and minoring in Spanish. Hailing from Albany, N.Y. (though the fact that she is Boston-born sways her sports allegiances), she served two terms as senior editor of The Fourth Edition, a semester as online editor, and then retired to Buenos Aires, Argentina for fall 2014. Lee is also chair of The Corp’s Board of Directors, a Georgetown University tour guide, chair of the Performing Arts Advisory Council, a representative on the Council of Advisory Boards, a member of of The Georgetown Phantoms and a captain for New Student Orientation. She likes steaks and sleeping.

Board of Editors


Katherine Richardson

Executive Editor

Katherine Richardson is a junior in the College majoring in English and minoring in journalism. She hails from the from Los Angeles, and is always missing the beach and yearlong sunshine. Katherine began work at The Hoya the fall of her freshman year as a news writer, then moved up to become a campus deputy before serving as campus news editor in spring 2015. She is excited to begin her term this semester as executive editor and learn more about each section, particularly sports (she once asked if there was a halftime in baseball). Katherine can often be found eating cereal out of a Solo cup, hugging her pet balloon Cricket and tripping over things.



Daniel Smith

Managing Editor

Daniel Smith is a junior in the School of Foreign Service studying international politics instead of his true passion, interior design. Before becoming managing editor, Daniel spent one term as The Hoya’s photography editor. When not watching “Property Brothers” on HGTV, he fantasizes about playing high school football for a small town in Texas. From Minneapolis, Minn., Smith prefers that you not underestimate the relevance of his home state. He has a beard, but not always.



Molly Simio

Online Editor

Molly Simio is a junior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in science, technology and international affairs. She joined The Hoya during the fall of her freshman year as a news writer and moved on to work as campus news editor and multimedia editor before becoming online editor. The best day of her life was when former opinion editor Jinwoo Chong told her that she could sing on key and the worst day of her life was Feb. 27, 2009, when the Jonas Brothers’ “3D Concert Experience” premiered and Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas made a surprise appearance at a movie theater just 10 miles from her house, but she was at another theater watching “Confessions of a Shopaholic.”


TobyHung_CampusToby Hung

Campus News Editor

Toby Hung is a sophomore in the College majoring in linguistics and economics and minoring in art history. He hails from Hong Kong and joined The Hoya during the fall of his freshman year as a news writer.



KristenFedor_CityKristen Fedor

City News Editor

Kristen Fedor is a junior in the College majoring in political economy from Summit, N.J. After serving as city deputy last spring, she is excited to continue as the city news editor this semester and spend even more time in Leavey 421. When Kristen is not at The Hoya, she can be found defending the cultural significance of boy bands and planning her move to Dillon, Texas. She has been to five concerts featuring the Carter family and cried every time.


TylerPark_SportsTyler Park

Sports Editor

Tyler Park is a sophomore in the College, hailing from the underrated and unfairly maligned land of northern New Jersey. His major is still undecided, but he is interested in economics and psychology. Tyler has enjoyed playing and watching sports for his entire life, and has been a part of the sports section since the fall of his freshman year. He refuses to apologize for being a Yankees fan, even though that revelation usually yields widespread groans and complaints. When he is not in Leavey 421, Tyler can often be found playing the piano, watching Netflix or spending entirely too much money on food, and he also plays for the Georgetown club baseball team.


DanielAlmeida_OpinionDaniel Almeida

Opinion Editor

Daniel Almeida is a sophomore in the College, majoring in economics. He began working for The Hoya as an opinion assistant in the fall of his freshman year and decided that yeah, he liked it. While Daniel originally hails from the sunny beaches of Brazil, he is forced to occasionally defend his nationality from non-believers. When not opining, he can be found reading the Wall Street Journal, raving about the assembly of shows he watches or being mysterious about his life.


IsabelBinamira_PhotoIsabel Binamira

Photography Editor

Isabel Binamira is a sophomore in the College, hoping to major in physics. She is from the wonderfully tropical city of Makati, Philippines, and cannot believe people complain about the humidity in D.C. Isabel joined The Hoya in her freshman fall as a staff photographer, and then worked as a deputy in the spring. In her free time, you can find Isabel eating pounds of dried mangoes, watching Criminal Minds and dancing to early-2000s pop music alone in her room.


ShannonShannon Hou

Layout Editor

Shannon Hou is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, hoping to major in international economics or science, technology and international affairs. She started working on The Hoya in fall 2014 as a layout assistant, and became layout editor in spring 2015. Hailing from Winchester, Mass., Shannon has spent the last two summers interning in the Massachusetts State Senate. In her free time, she enjoys working with children, trying new restaurants and watching way too much television.


BeccaSaltzman_CopyBecca Saltzman

Copy Chief

Becca Saltzman is a sophomore in the College, double-majoring in French and linguistics. Originally from Rochester, N.Y., she now considers the Copy Cave her home after having spent her freshman year working in the copy section. By the end of her term as copy chief, she will have undoubtedly set up a bed in there, or at least a futon. Besides pointing and laughing at grammar mistakes, Becca also enjoys playing the viola, drinking tea and bemoaning the disuse of the Oxford comma in AP style.


CourtneyKlein_BlogCourtney Klein

Blog Editor

Courtney Klein is a senior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in science, technology and international affairs, from Long Island. Courtney joined The Hoya in her sophomore year and has been bloggin’ ever since. Since changing the world (by studying abroad) in Ecuador and Turkey, she has returned to the Hilltop and become the supreme ruler of 4E. When Courtney is not aggressively checking social media, she can be found over-caffeinating on iced coffee, taking polaroids and running the G.U.A.C. club. The debate between nutella and guac makes her incredibly anxious.


LaixinLi_MultimediaLaixin Li

Multimedia Editor

Laixin Li is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, planning to major in international politics. He joined The Hoya as a multimedia assistant in the spring of his freshman year. Hailing from the most crowded city in the world, Shanghai, Laixin enjoys the traffic jams in D.C., which reminds him of his dear hometown. When he is not doing multimedia projects, he is either preparing for Phantoms auditions or auditioning for the Phantoms.

Publishing Division Directors

Addie Fleron

Director of Corporate Development

Addie Fleron is a senior in Georgetown College majoring in medieval studies, and as a result can translate two dead languages – a skill she is still trying to figure out how to market. Addie signed her life over to The Hoya in Fall 2012, and served as HR manager and then director of human resources before running off to France during the Spring 2015 semester to hone her wine- and cheese-tasting skills. On campus, you can find her practicing with the ballroom dance team and spending far too many hours in the MSB commons, despite her lack of an MSB GoCard. In her (admittedly spare) spare time, Addie can be found feeding her Netflix addiction, bemoaning that Baked & Wired has been discovered by tourists, and aggressively trying to figure out what happens in the real, post-graduation world.


JinwooChong_OpinionEditor (1)Jinwoo Chong

Director of Human Resources

Jinwoo Chong is a junior in the college majoring in English with minors in Studio Art and Computer Science. A former senior opinion editor, he is new to the publishing division and hopes people like him. Aside from his duties at The Hoya, he is a service marketer for The Corp, a committee member of Relay for Life, a captain for New Student Orientation, and a member of the Georgetown Phantoms a cappella group. He likes Instagramming, wearing vests, listening to minimalist indie pop that you can only find on Soundcloud and sassing people out. His name is pronounced ‘Jee-noo.’

MattMatthew De Silva

Director of Technology

Born and raised in southern California, Matthew De Silva is a senior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in international economics. He joined The Hoya in fall 2013 as a technology associate. After a semester, he became systems manager and The Hoya’s unofficial Grill Master. Aside from plugging in wires and restarting computers for confused staffers, Matt serves as the southern California state chair for the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program and works as a receptionist at the SFS Dean’s Office. Matt loves playing basketball, applying game theory to his life and listening to classic rock. In his spare time, Matt attends classes.

The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is composed of three Hoya staffers, two community members and is chaired by the opinion editor. The Editorial Board, which produces The Hoya’s editorials, is an autonomous body whose views do not represent the opinions of The Hoya.

_GabiHasson_EDBoardGabi Hasson

Gabi Hasson is a junior in the College who is double majoring in government and women’s and gender studies. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, and raised in Miami, Fla., she joined The Hoya in the fall of her freshman year, and has served as copy deputy for the past two semesters. She was drawn to Georgetown’s emphasis on social justice, and joined the editorial board to voice her opinions on these issues. Outside of the office, she is a member of H*yas for Choice and Kappa Alpha Theta. She enjoys brunch, online shopping and eating a large pizza in one sitting.


_CharlieLowe_EDBoardCharlie Lowe

Charlie Lowe is a senior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in international politics. He hails from Fuquay-Varina, N.C., a small tobacco town-turned-suburb outside of Raleigh. When he is not writing editorials for The Hoya, you can catch Charlie grilling in Red Square with the Georgetown University Grilling Society, or arguing with friends about the layered metaphors in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (the best book ever written, but that’s just his opinion). Having started as a photographer, he is very excited to be joining the editorial board this semester.


_ParthShah_EDBoardParth Shah

Parth Shah is a senior in the College double majoring in economics and government. Hailing from the paradise that is Schaumburg, Ill. (which is ruled with an iron fist by its all-powerful mayor), he brings a fresh, utopian viewpoint to the editorial board. Prior to joining the editorial board, Parth served as a deputy opinion editor and an opinion columnist for The Hoya. Outside of the newspaper, Parth can be found accumulating random facts to be potentially used at Tombs Trivia, although their categories are often too esoteric for someone from the Midwest. If you’re reading this, Tombs, ask more questions about corn. Parth is an ardent supporter of the Chicago Bears, which would, if Shakespeare was alive, form the basis of his next tragedy.


Online1Samuel Pence

Sam Pence is a senior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in international history. Prior to joining the Hoya’s editorial board as a community member in the fall of 2015, he could be found whipping up lattés in Uncommon Grounds or singing in Gaston Hall alongside the members of Georgetown Superfood. When not weighing in on matters surrounding Geogetown’s arts and culture, he enjoys running, reading, the occasional Nickelback song (just kidding), trying way too hard with his autumn-themed Instagram photos (not kidding), and bragging about the best place in the world, his home state of Indiana.



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