Toby Hung


Toby Hung is a junior in the College majoring in linguistics and economics, minoring in art history. Originally from Hong Kong, Hung previously served as executive editor, Guide editor and campus news editor.

Daniel Almeida

General Manager

Daniel Almeida is a junior in the McDonough School of Business majoring in finance. Originally from Sao Paolo, Almeida previously served as opinion editor and director of sales.

Kristen Fedor

Chair of the Board

Board of Directors

Selena Parra (MSB ’18)
At-Large Member of the Board

Matthew Trunko (MSB’ 18)
At-Large Member of the Board

Jinwoo Chong
At-Large Member of the Board

Arnosh Keswani
Community Member of the Board


Board of Editors

Paolo Santamaria (COL ’18)
Executive Editor

Jesus Rodriguez (SFS ’19)
Managing Editor

Ian Scoville (COL ’19)
Campus News Editor

Aly Pachter (COL ’19)
City News Editor

Lisa Burgoa (SFS ’19)
Opinion Editor

Sean Hoffman (MSB ’19)
Sports Editor

Marina Tian (NHS ’19)
Guide Editor

Alyssa Volivar (MSB ’18)
Design Editor

Lauren Seibel (COL ’19)
Photo Editor

Sarah Wright (SFS ’18)
Copy Chief

Jack Martin (COL ’20)
Multimedia Editor

Kelly Park (COL ’19)
Social Media Editor

Alessandra Puccio (COL ’17)
Blog Editor

Publishing Division Directors

George Lankas (COL ’19)
Director of Sales

Emily Ko (MSB ’19)
Director of Corporate Development

Gabriella Cerio (COL ’18)
Director of Human Resources

Brittany Logan (MSB ’18)
Director of Accounting

The Editorial Board

The editorial board is composed of three Hoya staffers, three community members and is chaired by the opinion editor. The editorial board, which produces The Hoya’s editorials, is an autonomous body whose views do not represent the opinions of The Hoya.

CC Borzilleri

Daria Etezadi

Ellie Goonetillake

Jack Lynch

Jack Segelstein

Laila Brothers (Community Member)

Bennett Stehr (Community Member)

Annabelle Timsit (Community Member)

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