About Us

“Blushing as coyly as any schoolgirl, and with the excited fears and hopes of a debutante … we lay this first edition of The Hoya at the feet of the student body, and retreat to a safe distance to observe the effects.”
— Joseph R. Mickler Jr. (CAS ’20), The Hoya’s first editor-in-chief, in the paper’s debut issue on Jan. 14, 1920.


The Hoya is the oldest and largest student newspaper of Georgetown University, serving as the university’s newspaper of record since 1920. It is published every Tuesday and Friday during the school year, and each Friday issue also includes a weekly lifestyle magazine, The Guide. The Hoya publishes two blogs: The Fourth Edition, and a sports blog, Hoya Paranoia. We distribute 6,500 free copies to 30 locations across campus and the Georgetown neighborhood during the academic year, and continue to publish online during summers and between print issues.

The Hoya has been a central part of the university community since its first publication in 1920. Although The Hoya is not financially independent from the university, it is produced, managed and edited entirely by students. Over 200 students are involved in the publication of the paper as reporters, photographers, designers, editors and business staff. To learn more about some of the students who work for The Hoya, visit our meet the staff page.

Editorial operations are overseen by the editor-in-chief, while business operations are run by the general manager. The current editor-in-chief is Emma Hinchliffe, and the current general manager is Michal Grabias. The paper is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. The current chair of the Board of Directors is Evan Hollander.

Several times a year, The Hoya produces special issues, including New Student Orientation and Commencement issues, a preview of the basketball season and a comprehensive New Student Guide, as well as issues focused on fashion and food.