To the Editor:

In his response to Rebecca Greene’s Oct. 19 viewpoint (“Why I Am Pro-Choice,” The Hoya, A3), Tim Foley writes, “The pro-life position sees this truth to the logical ramifications [abortion] must have in society while the pro-choice position is too afraid to do so” (“Abortion Is Never the Answer,” Oct. 26, 2004, A2). This is not the case.

Pro-choice advocates understand the “logical ramifications” of abortion in society.

But we also understand the implications of making it illegal. As an abortion rights advocate, I disagree with Mr. Foley – not out of fear or willful ignorance, but because I believe this second set of implications to be worse than first. It is a difference not of intelligence or moral fortitude, but of opinion.

The fact is that there are thoughtful and courageous people on both sides of the abortion debate. While I appreciate Mr. Foley’s willingness to tackle such an important issue, he should keep this in mind in the future.

Greer Murphy (SFS ’06)

Oct. 27, 2004

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