Just after the Hoyas’ 55-52 title-clinching victory over Lousiville, Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III handed some of the credit over to the Hoya faithful. “We need our fans,” he said. “It’s something that’s tangible; it’s something that’s real.” Since the beginning of the season, Thompson has expressed this sentiment, that the energy of the fans affects the outcome of the Hoyas’ games. So, The Hoya decided to honor some of those fans who contributed to Georgetown’s Big East regular season title by naming our top five favorite student section signs. Oh, and one more thing: It might just be my opinion, but signs that spell out “ESPN” or “CBS” do not count as authentic fan material. C’mon guys, are you just trying to get on TV, or are you trying to help your team win?

5. “I Believe in a Thing Called Roy.” This sign makes the list for sheer persistence. Every time I looked up into the student section, there it was, game after game, trademark spin move after trademark spin move. And with Hibbert’s occasional lack of consistency this year, it was nice to see that his fans still believed in him.

4. “Where’s the White Suit?” This sign is what makes college basketball fans so great: their creativity and cleverness. During Georgetown’s first matchup against Lousiville in February, the Cardinals’ fans decided to “white out” the favored Georgetown team at their home arena. Even Head Coach Rick Pitino joined in, donning a white linen suit for the occasion. After a Georgetown-dominant first half, Pitino decided it was time for a switch, changing back into his traditional black suit. The trick worked, and Lousiville came away with the upset. They had no such luck during their second matchup at Verizon Center, and even Thompson remarked he was glad there was no wardrobe change: “When he came out of the locker room with the same clothes on, I felt pretty good,” he said after the game. So when this sign was lifted during the second half as the Hoyas started to pull away for the championship, it was the perfect moment.

3. “Give Me Freeman or Give Me Death.” Freshman Austin Freeman was a breath of fresh air and a boost for the Hoyas and their fans alike during this season. When the fans started to get behind the rookie guard, signs like “More like Awesome Freeman” and others started to pop up behind the baskets. This one wins, though, for sheer creativity. Leave it to Georgetown students to quote Patrick Henry while cheering on a basketball team.

2. “MLK had a Dream and it was Roy.” In a Martin Luther King Jr. Day faceoff, Georgetown and Syracuse battled it out on Jan. 21, forcing the rivalry game into overtime before the Hoyas secured the victory. Hibbert led the team with 15 points and nine rebounds to give the Hoyas a long-awaited home victory against Syracuse. It looks like the Hoya faithful and King shared more than one dream.

1. “Some Had Forgotten, You Reminded Them.” It was the perfect sign for senior day. With pictures of Crawford, Ewing, Hibbert and Wallace, the sign reminded everyone that four years ago, when the now-captains were mere freshmen, those four and Thompson set out to rebuild and redefine the struggling Georgetown program. Behind the slogan “Some Have Forgotten, We Will Remind Them,” they earned respect that year and built a new legacy over the next three years. Thank you seniors, and thank you fans.

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