Late night out? No problem. The university’s M Street night shuttle and SafeRides transportation program now does much more to protect student safety while reducing noise levels — a win-win situation for the entire Georgetown community.

There have long been complaints that some students used SafeRides as a free ride to bars in Georgetown, increasing the wait times for students who feel uncomfortable walking off-campus late at night. With a new shuttle dedicated to ferrying students between campus and M Street on Thursday, Friday and Saturday party nights between the hours of 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., other SafeRides vehicles should be able to respond more quickly and efficiently to other students.

The boost to safety is a move made all the more necessary by the jump in the off-campus crime levels over the summer and in the few short weeks of this academic year. Along with this increased level of protection, the shuttle should work to decrease foot traffic and noise created by students between M Street and campus. At a time when our relationship with our neighbors is rocky at best, university resources that work to alleviate these tensions are more important than ever.

The Georgetown area simply isn’t as welcoming to students looking to blow off steam as it used to be. Thankfully, the university has created a solution that keeps students protected and residents asleep on those unforgettable weekend nights.

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