darnallThere are many new experiences students take away from their first year on the Hilltop. Perhaps most memorable are the lifelong friendships formed amid late-night talks in the common room with members of one’s freshman floor.

Each year, Darnall Hall celebrates Darnall Day, which marks the birthday of Eleanor Darnall, John Carroll’s mother. The event, held by Interhall and the Darnall Hall Council, is open to all current and former Darnall residents and includes a day of reminiscing, free food and activities. This year, Harbin Hall will reinstate Harbin Day, a similar celebration open to current freshmen and graduating seniors, funded by Interhall and other sponsors including Students of Georgetown, Inc. and WGTB Georgetown Radio.

Dorm days provide an opportunity for students to celebrate their freshman experiences, whether they’re finishing them now or looking back on them after a year or two. ResLife,Interhall and other campus groups should consider putting on similar events for New South Hall and Village C West, which currently do not have them. They could receive additional funding from the dorms’ floor funds collected at the beginning of each semester.

Many great memories involve the small, cramped doubles of one’s freshman year on the Hilltop. Returning every once in a while with our cohort of New South, VCW or Harbin residents would serve to build a community across students of different years and generations.

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