DAVID WANG/THE HOYA PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Tucker Cholvin (SFS ’15) started a blog in high school and decided to continue the project here at Georgetown with “37th and O.”
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Tucker Cholvin (SFS ’15) started a blog in high school and decided to continue the project here at Georgetown with “37th and O.”

You might know Tucker Cholvin (SFS ’15) from around campus as a member of the Georgetown Improv Association, a co-host of “The White Girl Radio Hour” or just that well-dressed guy who occasionally rocks a duck sweater. What you might not know is that Tucker’s varied presence on campus is matched by his equally vibrant presence online. Witty and often hilariously random, Tucker has taken to the blogosphere with “37th and O,” which he describes as his “sandbox” where he can “play around and muse.” A funny, upbeat blog, “37th and O” discusses subject matter that can apply to all Georgetown students. In it, Tucker explores the ups and downs of Georgetown life with sarcastic but usually spot-on commentary, daily musings and appreciation for the beautiful campus and community around us.


What made you decide to write “37th and O”?
“37th and O” emerged out of a blog I kept in high school called “IWPH.” It was started at the behest of my mom when I spent a good part of the summer travelling solo — and to parts [of the world] where it often wasn’t easy to call. The blog allowed me to share photos and keep in touch in a way that wasn’t too trying for a 16-year-old boy whose first priority was not being tied down to his mom. The entire experience was very enjoyable, and it became “37th and O” a few months after moving to Georgetown.
How would you describe the blog’s content?
My blog is my sandbox. I play around and muse there. I don’t have a lot of expectations for what ends up being posted so long as I think people will find them interesting. They range from comedy pieces and flow charts that I’ll draw in [my] spare time to super-angsty monologues, which, I’m sure, are just a treat for other people to read.
Do you think your blog has influenced others on their opinions of Georgetown happenings or even of social or political rights? Is this an intended purpose of the blog?
Influencing others’ opinions is] definitely not an intended purpose of the blog; if my writing never holds back, that’s probably more a function of my general inability to keep my trap shut in real life. I don’t seek to influence the opinions of others, with the exception of the endorsements that I post around elections — [it’s] more just to talk. It’s very relaxing, telling other people your thoughts.
Is there anything you do hold back from the blogs or other social media?
I tend not to talk about my love life, due to its nonexistence and the fact that no one ever needs to hear about that stuff from anybody.
Where do you think your quirky and much-appreciated style of humor and sass arise from?
A desperate need for validation stemming from a deep personal sense of insecurity. Work out if that’s a joke or not.
How have your writing skills been cultivated over the years? 
 The only way to get good at writing —­ and I don’t say that I’m good — is to practice. If you really want to read some gems, go back on the blog to about 2010. That’ll keep you entertained. My writing has improved since then, and it’s largely due to practice.
How have you learned to make something as uninteresting as the airport entertaining? 
If I’m able to find entertainment in mundane things like airports, it’s probably because it’s easier to be amused with frustrating things than irritated by them. Ridiculousness is everywhere; I take time to appreciate it.

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