University President John J. DeGioia has spent virtually his entire adult life on the Hilltop, and under his leadership, Georgetown has launched two major fundraising campaigns, expanded campus facilities dramatically and adapted academics to the new millennium. But DeGioia doesn’t do many interviews, and we were pleased to finally speak with him March 4 and address an accumulation of questions from a year’s worth of headlines.

DeGioia weighs in on:

-The 2010 campus plan (1:17)

-The satellite residence proposal (3:15)

-Neighborhood relations (4:24)

-Adjunct professors (10:13)

-Tuition increases (17:47)

-The McCourt donation (18:40)

-Big East realignment (19:57)

-Balancing Catholic values (21:45)

-The possibility of a gay Georgetown president (22:48)

Interviewer — Danny Funt, former editor-in-chief of The Hoya

Filmed by Alexander Brown, Chris Grivas, Daniel Smith

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