Executives and Cabinet – President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Chief Advisor for Internal Affairs, Chief Advisor for External Affairs, Communications Director, Treasurer, Historian, Secretary

Legislative Assembly – Four elected representatives from each of the four academic classes, chaired by the GUSA vice president

Advocacy Committees – Academic Affairs, Diversity, Financial Affairs, Housing and Off-Campus Affairs, Student Services

University Advisory Board Appointments – Main Campus Planning Committee, Main Campus Academic Committee, Disciplinary Review Committee, Alumni Board of Governors, Athletic Advisory Committee, Student Health Advisory Board, Incident Response Team, Library Affairs Advisory Committee, Speech and Expression Committee

Budgeting Boards – Student Activities Commission, Volunteer and Public Service Board, Advisory Board for Club Sports, edia Board, Performing Arts Advisory Council

Programming Boards – The Lecture Fund, Class Committees

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The Yard Student Association (as currently proposed)


The Convocation – A once-a-semester meeting of all students in Gaston Hall where students will have the opportunity to present questions and concerns to the Yard Council and Commons, propose amendments to the constitution and exercise other deliberative duties

The Yard Commons – A deliberative body comprised of representatives of each of the university’s credentialed student organizations that can either veto or approve motions of the Yard Council

The Yard Council – Yard President, Yard Vice President, Yard Treasurer, Yard Secretary, presidents of the four respective academic councils, presidents of the four respective classes, a representative of the residence halls, the New Students Secretary and nine Yard Commons representatives elected by the Commons

Presidential Advisory Council – Chairpersons of Students of Georgetown, Incorporated, Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union, Georgetown Program Board, Volunteer and Public Service Advisory Board, Performing Arts Advisory Council, Advisory Council for Club Sports and the Graduate Student Association

Standing Committees – Allocations Committee, New Resources Committee, Information Committee, Fiscal Control Committee and Credentials Committee

Funding Board – Yard President, Yard Vice President, Yard Treasurer, Yard Secretary, Chairpersons of the Allocations Committee, Georgetown Program Board, Advisory Council for Club Sports, Volunteer and Public Service Board, the Media Board and Performing Arts Advisory Council. Vice President for Student Affairs and Senior Business Manager for the Office of Student Affairs would serve as non-voting advisors to the Funding Board.

Judicial Committee – Four member board; Yard Commons, Yard Council, the Convocation and Yard President each select a member

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