Three Georgetown students were attacked last weekend in the latest in a series of crimes near campus.

The first incident occurred early Saturday morning at 2:15 a.m. on 35th and P Streets when a female Georgetown student was approached by a man in a silver car.

The victim, a sophomore in the NHS who spoke on condition that she not be named, said Thursday that the man blocked her in with his car as she was about to cross the street.

“At first I was wondering why he was trying to run me over but then I saw his pants were down,” she said. “I thought he might try to rape me and he saw me getting scared. He said he’d pay me money to masturbate in front of me.”

After exposing himself, the suspect threw $60 at the woman and drove away, she said.

The woman immediately contacted Metropolitan Police Department officers and filed a police report. She said that she hopes her story can help other Georgetown students to protect themselves from similar incidents.

“I was acting really scared and that’s not what I should have done,” she said. “I should have been more assertive and not allowed it to happen.”

She also expressed frustration with the District’s ban on pepper spray, saying legalization could give potential victims an added sense of security.

The second criminal incident took place on Sunday at 3 a.m. when a Georgetown junior was walking near 34th and Prospect Streets.

According to an MPD incident report, two males approached the victim demanding money and his cell phone. One suspect slapped him repeatedly in his face until he handed over his belongings.

One of the suspects was described as a white male with facial hair. The other was black with dreadlocks.

The attack could be related to an Oct. 11 robbery on 35th Street between Volta and Q Streets, David Morrell, vice president for university safety, said.

In that incident, the suspect was also described as a black male with dreadlocks. Morrell said DPS was investigating whether there was a connection between the two attacks.

A third crime occurred later Sunday morning when another Georgetown student was attacked at 34th and Prospect Streets, according to DPS.

An MPD incident report said the student was walking southbound at 3:50 a.m. when a male suspect approached him and struck him in the face without provocation.

According to the report, the suspect told the student “if he didn’t give him his money, that he was going to put several bullets in his chest, and that he was going to die.”

The victim refused the suspect’s demands, ran to campus and notified DPS of the incident, the report said.

The DPS e-mail described the suspect as a black male in his mid-20s with a green and white cap turned backward.

According to Morrell, law enforcement officials are investigating the incidents and trying to determine why there has been an increase in street crime since the beginning of the semester. Morrell warned students to be careful when off campus in the early morning hours.

“Students should be aware of their surroundings and not carry a large quantity of cash,” he said. “Remember to travel in larger groups because if you’re in a group of five to six people, it’s harder for the criminal to control. Be aware of what’s going on.”

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